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100 #anydayshaders

— 3 min read

Back in April I started a journey to explore creating my GLSL shaders and I wrote about it here.

I created a little challenge for myself to keep me motivated, and with it, a hashtag called #anydayshaders.

In the past, I've tried other design and coding challenges and was never able to finish. At some point, I'd lose motivation because it sort of caused me stress.

By calling my challenge anydayshaders I figure I could create as many shaders as I wanted without a specific number as a goal. Also, without a specific schedule, that personally gives me stress before I even start, if I were told I need to do something daily or once a week in my free time.

Maybe it's only me, but it's interesting how sometimes each of us is wired. I say this because, in the end, I ended up having a schedule for my shader creations, but it was never the same. Some months I created once a week or every two weeks. Others twice a week. At the end of the year, I managed to even create two shaders a day for some weeks.

As you see, the way I work for my personal projects is that as long as I don't feel any pressure, I produce way more as I am relaxed and sincerely enjoying the ride.

I am happy to announce that I even managed to create 100 shaders before the end of 2020! 🥳 Which for me, it's huge news, as I'd never felt accomplished with a public design or coding challenge before.

You can view all of my shader creations on my instagram account.

I'm sharing the code of a few shaders I produce on CodePen.

You can also see my shader creations by following the hashtag on these two social networks:

By browsing the hashtag on such social networks you'll also find the work from other online peeps who shared my excitement into practicing shaders.

Whether you're a shader newbie or pro, feel free to join us by using #anydayshaders with your creations and contribute to motivating each other.

My shader journey is not over yet, only for this year. Stay tuned next year, as I continue growing my shader skills with #anydayshaders.