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I'm ilithya, a multidisciplinary artist and technologist with a background in creative development and design from México, based in Hamburg, Germany.

Oh, I make cool websites.

As a self-taught programmer making artwork with code and algorithms, my preferred medium to produce is writing shaders in OpenGL Shading Language. My art is a reflection of my experiences and deep interests in technology, feelings, illustration, street art, and music.

I'm currently exploring on-chain generative art, machine learning, and new media art technologies to create art on the web, physical installations, audiovisual and visual art, plus live performances. I'm interested in creating unusual emotional and captivating visual experiences, sometimes interactive, as I push and pull the intersection of art and technology.

Artist collectives and residencies:

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I co-host a twitch stream to learn and practice shaders with Eliza Struthers-Jobin called curiouslyminded since the end of 2020. We pair program and invite diverse artists to share their genius.

Past community work:

As a designer and developer, I care about:

  • Accessibility
  • CSS methodologies
  • Design systems
  • DRY patterns
  • Emotional design
  • ES6
  • GLSL shaders
  • Graceful degradation
  • IxD
  • Pattern libraries
  • Performance
  • PE
  • RWD
  • Modular architectures
  • Style guides
  • Typography
  • UX & UI
  • WebGL
  • Web standards

I had the opportunity to work with big brands like L'Oreal, Hornbach, Weber, Douglas and Stanford University.

I'm self-taught by nature, continuously learning new topics. I wore different creative hats in the past including transcreation, photography, media production, graphic design, and copywriting. I have a BA in Marketing, passion for creating the unusual and curiosity for technology. My aspiration has been always to combine these skills and experiences to produce memorable outcomes.

What's all about those hands?

I grew up in a school with all kinds of kids, including hearing-impaired ones, up until I was fifteen. We had to learn the sign language alphabet and parts of the language to communicate better with them.

I'm a traveler and have lived in a few countries, so I find it astonishing how sign language crosses barriers that spoken languages don't.

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I'm available for commissions and digital artwork with shaders, 3D graphics in WebGL, machine learning, or generative art this third quarter of 2024.


  • I make cool websites like this from concept and design to programming.
  • Any part-time creative or front-end development projects are welcome.

Browse some of my work.

Drop me a line at hello@ilithya.net