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Yellow [hola]

I'm ilithya, a creative developer, designer and digital artist based in Hamburg, Germany.

I freelance as an artist, front-end developer, and visual designer.

I had the opportunity to work for big brands like L'Oreal, Hornbach, Media Markt, Weber and Otto Group while working in a few german digital agencies.

As a designer and developer, I care about:

  • Accesibility
  • CSS methodologies
  • Design systems
  • DRY patterns
  • Emotional design
  • ES6
  • GLSL shaders
  • Graceful degradation
  • IxD
  • Pattern libraries
  • Performance
  • PE
  • RWD
  • Modular architectures
  • Style guides
  • Typography
  • UX & UI
  • WebGL
  • Web standards

As an artist, I have a keen interest in illustration, street art, and music. I'm currently exploring 3D, generative art, audio-reactive visuals, and interactive experiences for video art, music videos, and installation work.

I have a BA in Marketing, passion for creating the unusual and curiosity for technology. My aspiration has always been to combine these skills to produce memorable outcomes.

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What's all about those hands?

I grew up in a school with all kinds of kids, including hearing-impaired ones, up until I was fifteen. We had to learn the sign language alphabet and parts of the language to communicate better with them.

I'm a traveler and have lived in a few countries, so I find it astonishing how sign language crosses barriers that spoken languages don't.

Support me

If you're inspired by my work or learned something new with any of the free content I create, get me a matcha latte or 10x and make happy.

Contact me

I'm currently available for commissions and digital artworks.

Drop me a line at hello@ilithya.net