Speakers Corner

Public Projection for VJ Open Lab, Berlin 2021.

Video art composed of four stages from one artwork, created with GLSL shaders. Showcased during one evening around the streets of Berlin Mitte on November 26, 2021.

Artwork displayed:

  • Scrambled 2021

Music by Travis Tench.
Song "The Net Remix".

Multi-Screen Mural

Installation at JSConf EU, Berlin 2019.

Mural illustration and day/night animation made with pure HTML & CSS.

Showcased in three screens. Displayed at the side track stage. This multi-screen installation served as a screensaver between conference talks for two days.

Artwork inspired by street art, skate, and pop art cultures. Also by the conference itself — community, diversity, growth.

Music from filmmusic.
Song "Big Rock" by Kevin MacLeod.