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Three weeks ago I started a journey to explore creating my GLSL shaders, after half a year of only studying them on and off.

I want to learn how shaders work as I want to use them with my ThreeJS 3D creations.

Also, I'm very interested in building future installations, visuals, and interactive experiences, with which GLSL opens another creative window for me to do this.

I tweeted about it and started the hashtag #anydayshaders.

I came up with that hashtag as I decided to share my creations on random days without feeling pressure to create every day, and also to keep the number of creations open, up until I get tired of it.

Some twitter peeps shared my excitement into practicing shaders, and two of them already joined me on the ride.

I'm not going to lie, learning shaders is still a struggle as I didn't study CS, known as Informatics in Europe. Still, the creative outcome keeps me motivated. The more I learn of it, the more cool code art I get to create.

If you're feeling frustrated while learning shaders, know that you're not alone. And it gets better, if you're patient. Everyone has their own pace into learning new things.

Ready to learn or practice GLSL shaders? Feel free to join us! As we inspire each other on this journey.

Follow the hashtag, or share your creations on these two social networks where we're currently sharing our work:

I started a GitHub repo with wallpaper designs after my shader creations in this journey.